A blessed childhood

Growing up on The Cape was truly a gift. I’m so thankful that my parents chose to raise us in the same town that my dad grew up in. It was a beautiful life. Falmouth was a quiet “everyone knows your parents” town.

What is Kiwi & Ellie?

In 2007, I started Kiwi & Ellie while living in Dubai. It was an online jewelry and accessories company. As a side project, it was a lot of fun. I knew it would never be my main source of income. But, it was so interesting to find great pieces to share with my customers. Over the past year, it’s been hard to keep up. So, for now, it’s on hold. You can still follow my Instagram account because you never know when I’ll find a product that I must share with my followers.

My friends tell me I talk too much

If you know me, then this picture says it all. I started a Ladies social group here in Olde Wythe last year. We have 65 members as of now. Crazy bunch of women. Whenever we get together, I can’t stop chirping (hockey reference).